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Friday, December 14th 2012

7:31 PM

Another sad day for all of us .....

I am furious today by the shooting that took place in a school in Connecticut.  It was a senseless killing of some 26 people, 20 of them are kids aged 6-7.  Those poor kids!  I cannot imagine how their families feel today.  Why?  Why? Why?  Why don't they secure places like these where kids are supposed to be safe? After those similar incidents in the past, when are we gonna learn?  

If i am a parent right now, i would be scared of leaving my kids in school.  How come these psychos could get in and out of schools so easily?  I am so saddened and my heart goes to these kids and their families.  May God give them a lot of strength in this moment of their grief. Let us send our prayers to them and for this nation to become a safer place to live in.  God bless us all!

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