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Saturday, June 15th 2013

9:41 AM

Happy Father's Day!

Celebrating father's day has always been mixed emotions for me.  Well, i get so emotional when it comes to remembering fathers because i cannot help but remember more of my dearest father who i really miss so much.  I try to remember the sweet moments we had together with my mom and my siblings since the time i could remember.  My father is the sweetest.  He may be strict at times but i understand why.  He was just being protective of us kids, especially with my sisters.  I could not forget his smile, the same smile he had on his face when he died.  Father, thank you for being the best father i could ever have.

Today, i salute all fathers in the world.  Aside from my father, I especially give tribute to my brothers, brothers-in-law, all my father-friends and to everyone.  You have made a difference in the hearts of your children.  Fathers are God's gifts to the world.  Thank you!  This video is for you!

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