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Sunday, July 14th 2013

9:51 AM

I donated my hair ...

My last hair cut was in January this year.  I have been meaning to get a  hair cut the past months but knowing my husband, her has always loved my long hair and he hates to hear me mentioning about getting it cut.  Long hair is hard to maintain for me especially with my frozen shoulders and falling hair.  I was also procrastinating in getting an appointment with the hair cutter.

Yesterday, hubby and I went grocery shopping at Tops and found this Super Cuts next to it.  Hubby thought he needed a hair cut so we went there and found out they accept walk ins.  They next time i knew, i was having hair cut myself which i have been wanting for the longest time.  I could not believe i got at least 10 inches cut off my hair.  I was asked if i wanted to donate it and of course i said yes in a heart beat.  My husband did not want it cut that short but i had the final say.  I was even surprised when i was not charged for the hair cut just because i was donating my hair, so i got the hair cut free!  Not bad!

Here is my hair that i donated.  I feel good donating it and i never had any regrets!

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