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Saturday, June 8th 2013

3:02 PM

Time to work out!

Everyday, as i look myself in the mirror, i would always say to myself "it's time to workout!"  I hate myself! It's awful! Gone were the days when i would struggle so hard to gain weight.  I grew up so skinny, underweight and so insecure about it.  People think I was malnourished but i surely believe i was not.  I ate a lot, I did not have any restrictions on diet and i did not exercise.  I would feel happy when someone would tell me i gained weight.  Now is a totally different story.  I need to do something, at least start from simple exercises everyday.  

Actually, i just finished a one-month squat challenge and crunches.  I don't see any changes though.  I am wondering if i was doing it right or i really need to do more to see changes.  I know lowing weight wont happen overnight.  I know it takes a lot of effort on my part to watch what i eat and exercise more.  I realize how hard it is to lose weight when people reach my age of 50.  I am 52 and losing weight at this age is not a joke!  Here i am now! Forgive the awful look!

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